Porsche Boxster Tequipment SportDesign Package

With the new SportDesign Package, Porsche Exclusive and its parts supplier division Porsche Tequipment offer their customers an opportunity to give more individuality to their little pets — both Boxster and Boxster S sports roadsters.

First debuted two years ago at the international motor show in Paris, the new Porsche Boxster 987 went on sale in Europe in 2005.

Exterior wise, the upgraded vehicle didn’t offer any new design revelations compared to the Boxster 986 that was produced from 1996 till 2004.

Well, the head lights are more stylish and the car itself has become half an inch longer and around an inch wider, but, even with these cosmetic changes the car looks somewhat dated.

So, an exterior styling package was inevitable.

Porsche Boxster Tequipment SportDesign Package
Porsche Boxster Tequipment SportDesign Package

The new SportDesign package for the Porsche Boxster consists of extra lips for the front spoiler, new rear spoiler and a rear diffuser that resembles the same aerodynamic device on a much more expensive Porsche Carrera GT super-car.

All parts are painted in the vehicle’s external color, so that even retrofitted models would preserve their visual integrity and style.

And, to be honest, the aero kit also gives the entry-level almost-super-roadster more chances in competing against such serious rivals as the 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class, Audi TT/TT-S, Nissan 350Z and the BMW Z4 roadsters.

Porsche Boxster Tequipment SportDesign Package (rear view)

The SportDesign kit will be a little bit pricey, though. Purchasing it with a new vehicle, you will have to pay Porsche Exclusive €4060. Retrofitters may order their piece of joy from Porsche Tequipment for €3422 plus labor.

German sales tax is included in both cases, so in your country the package may cost a hundred or two euros less. Or more.

Unlike most appearance packages available from independent tuning specialists, this one actually improves the Boxster’s aerodynamics and stability at high speeds, reducing air drag and the lifting forces on both the front and air axles.

Too bad, they didn’t redesigned Boxster’s front bumper. It really looks cheap, considering the roadster’s hefty price tag.

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