2007 Audi TT to get a diesel engine

2007 Audi TT to get a diesel engine
2007 Audi TT

The Ingolstadt company is going to offer a diesel-powered version of its second-generation 2007 Audi TT sports coupe.

Although one can easily have a heart attack just looking at a diesel fuel price on an average European gas station, oil-burners are becoming more and more popular there thanks to their higher fuel efficiency and a torrent of torque available at lower revs.

However, due to some stupid corporate prejudices (or is it actually pride?) you still can’t get yourself a diesel-powered BMZ Z4 or a Porsche Boxster compact roadster, can you?

Well, here comes the new Audi TT TDI.

An industry analytics company CSM Worldwide forecasts that adding a diesel version to the current line-up may boost Audi TT Typ 8J‘s sales by up to 15 per cent.

Considering that the number of potential buyers of the model in the year of 2008 alone will be close to 60,000, one can imply that a diesel TT may bring up to 10,000 more customers, which is not bad at all.

It is not yet known, which motors will be chosen to power the new Audi TT, but the company says that most likely it will be a modified Volkswagen’s 2.0-liter, four-cylinder TDI common-rail powerplant that currently produces from 140 hp to 170 hp of power and plenty of torque, yet offers more than decent fuel economy if mated to a modern six-speed gearbox.

The engine will definitely be supercharged, since TT’s closest competitor, the Alfa Romeo Brera coupe, comes with a much more powerful 200 hp 2.4-liter five-cylinder common-rail diesel.

There is still no info on the vehicle’s possible price but I think that something close to €35,000 will be just fine.

Photo: Audi

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