2007 Ford F-150 500RC ROUSH Performance truck

2007 Ford F-150 500RC ROUSH Performance truck
2007 Ford F-150 500RC ROUSH Performance

The new Ford F-150 500RC ROUSH Performance half-ton pickup truck comes powered by a mind-blowing supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine featuring a maximum power output of 445 hp and producing a mighty torrent of torque peaking at impressive 500 ft-lbs (678 Nm).

Compared to the base vehicle, the 500RC has at least 145hp and 135 ft-lbs (183) more power and torque, which makes it a kind of super-truck neatly fitting into a category of its own.

I mean, on one hand, this kind of muscle-truck wouldn’t even look at an average half-ton workhorse. On the other, this monster of a pickup with a pair of white stripes on its prominent hood and roof is designed to pose as a sports car, but, given its curb weight of around 4600 lbs and its heroic proportions will look bleak on the Nurburgring Nordschleife track.

Well, like most American muscle cars, this one is mostly for show, not for pros.

To our sheep.

The rest of the package consists of a dual rear-exit high-performance exhaust, 20-inch chrome wheels and a billet aluminum grille. There is also a pair of fender and tailgate badges, a top- and side-stripe kit, and a serial number badge in the glove box.

However, the 500RC Roush Performance package will cost you dearly. According to the company, the kit alone will set you back at healthy $11,995 and you will have to put in the pot the cost of the donor Ford F-150, which can be as high as $38,760 if you choose the top of the range trim overloaded with options.

And if you are really into bling and not short on money, you can also order leather seating ($1,586), special suspension system ($1,775) a pair of sexy side skirts and wheel flares ($2,967) and so on and so forth.

Photo: Rousch Performance

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