2007 Honda Stream MPV

2007 Honda Stream MPV
2007 Honda Stream

The 2007 Honda Stream MPV that replaces the older homonymous model since July, 2006 14 in Japan (that’s tomorrow, by the way,) has at last been officially announced.

As you can see on the photos, the restyled version features much more aggressive and mature appearance and also makes some family resemblance with current Honda Odyssey JDM multi-purpose vehicle, which is designed exclusively for the Japanese domestic market (JDM.)

According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the new 2007 Honda Stream may be ordered in either FWD (front-wheel drive) or 4WD (four-wheel drive) configurations and may draw its power from one of a pair of i-VTEC four-cylinder motors.

I am still not sure how good their four-wheel drive system will be on a dirty road, but there is a good chance that the vehicle will at least be good on a snowy road: sometimes plowing through the last 500 yards of snow from the highway to the front door may become a real hassle and that’s where Stream’s 4WD may be really helpful.

2007 Honda Stream MPV (rear view)

In fact, I can see the new MPV as a good alternative for a crossover sports utility vehicle: a typical SUV’s only advantage is its higher ground clearance, but how often do you need a couple of extra inches above the ground?

The 1.8-liter engine’s maximum power output reaches 140 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque. The power is being transferred to the wheels via a five-speed automatic gearbox.

The 2.0-liter engine features up to 150 hp and maximum torque of 140 lb-ft and is mated to a CVT transmission with torque converter in FWD configuration, or a five-speed automatic on 4WD vehicles.

The most basic FWD Stream X 1.8 model will sell at around $15,800.

For the foreseeable future the MPV will be available to Japanese customers only, but there is still a chance that the new Honda Stream will reach the other end of the proverbial Pond someday.

2007 Honda Stream MPV (interior)
2007 Honda Stream MPV (interior, seating arrangement)
2007 Honda Stream MPV (interior, dashboard)

Photos: Honda

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