2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Lorinser S06 tuning program

2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Class upgraded by Lorinser
2007 Lorinser Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The new Lorinser S06 tuning program for the new 2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Class executive sedans offers serious upgrades for the vehicle’s power-plants, including the huge 5.5-liter V12 engine that powers the top of the line S600 model range.

Well, there are, in fact, only three engine upgrade programs that Lorinser currently has on sale: one for the 3.5-liter V6 and the other couple is for the aforementioned S600 model, which is equipped with a more powerful 5.5-liter V8 engine.

2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Lorinser S06 tuning program

The German company decided not to tinker with both engines’ mechanics and limited the tuning only to their electronics and made some modifications to the exhaust manifold and catalytic converters.

The first one gets a boost of 26 horsepower, enhancing its output by almost 10 percent from 272 to 298 hp. The 5.5-liter V8 with a remapped ECU module is pushed up by 32 horsepower from 388 to 420 hp.

Oh, and there is also an opportunity for you to make your new S600 even more powerful by supercharging its 5.5-liter V8 engine and increasing its maximum power output by more than a third from healthy 306 horsepower to much more impressive 416 hp and the torque from 339 to 406 lb-ft (460 to 550 Nm).

Maximum speed of sedans with normally aspirated engines is electronically limited to 174 mph (280 km/h.) The supercharged model’s speed is increased to mind-numbing 205 mph (330 km/h.)

I can’t really imagine how one can handle such a heavy vehicle at such an impressive speed without serious modifications to its suspension and brakes, so there is a good chance that respective modifications are also a part of the package. However, in its press release, the German tuning house says nothing about them.

There are also some exterior modifications, but they are quite subtle (if you don’t count the huge gills on the front fenders) and are not really ground-breaking from the designer’s point of view.

2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Lorinser S06 tuning program (side views)

Photos: Lorinser

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