2007 Nissan C+C+Conran coupe convertible

2007 Nissan C+C+Conran coupe convertible
2007 Nissan C+C+Conran

A limited edition of the new Nissan Micra C+C+Conran coupe-convertible city car is going to be unveiled soon in London, UK.

Created together with a renowned designer Sebastian Conran -a man who also lives in London and, among other achievements, has the title of a head of product design at Mothercare under his belt- the spec.ed. model is based on the new Nissan C+C Essenza model, which is powered by a 1.6-liter 108bhp gasoline engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

They called it Nissan C+C+Conran.

How original.

2007 Nissan C+C+Conran (rear view)

The Nissan C+C+Conran’s design is centered on (and, as far as I can see, is actually limited to) the new color scheme, that was developed by Sebastian Conran himself and called Blushing Black.

Inspired by the deep black seen on Japanese traditional lacquer-ware and accented with red reflections, the new scheme gets rid of traditional for both European and American automakers chrome decor in favor of a new dark grey color called Titanium Black.

The color replaces chrome and silver on the wheels, headlamps and instrument panel giving the originally cute and fragile-looking car really menacing look.

The vehicle’s interior also features different shades of grey and red.

There is red leather upholstery with laser-printed overlapping leaves on the front and rear sits that still do not look particularly comfortable, especially if you plan to use the car to travel from London to Paris (okay, a couple of my friends used a pair of Vespas to go from London to Paris to Venice, so that’s actually possible, but you butt as well as the lower back would not love you for that.)

The instrument panel, doors, boot lid, and even glovebox also feature red and black leather swathes.

In its press release, Nissan says that ‘based on reaction to the car from visitors to the show the C+C+Conran, or a car very much like it, could possibly make production’.

Compared to Micra C+C’s current competitors, Opel / Vauxhall Tigra, Ford Street Ka, Mini One Convertible and Citroen C3 Pluriel, this little baby looks like a real stunner. I mean, girls would really love it.

2007 Nissan C+C+Conran (interior)

Photos: Nissan

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