2007 Toyota Yaris YRX compact sedan

2007 Toyota Yaris YRX compact sedan
2007 Toyota Yaris YRX

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation has just expanded its product range with a new 2007 Toyota Yaris YRX model. Introduced seven years ago, the line was “reloaded” last year offering both 3- and 5-door body styles and a wide range of engines starting from anemic 1-liter to much more impressive 1.8-liter beasts. Based on JDM Toyota Belta, this new range-topping Yaris YRX comes in a less popular sedan body and brings you the most comprehensive list of standard features that one can realistically expect from such a small (and affordable) vehicle.

The top of the line trim of the popular compact city car is now available with electric power steering, dual SRS airbags, standard air conditioning unit and even 14-inch disk brakes! The brakes, by the way, are working together not only with an omnipresent ABS system, but also with EBD and Brake Assist intelligent active safety systems that together may help an inexperienced driver to get out of that “oh, shoot” moment in one piece.

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The vehicle also features a 1.5-liter VVT-I engine that can be ordered with either five-speed manual or four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission.

There is also a six-CD in-dash multi-changer with MP3-compatible CD-player, LCD display that works together with analogue instruments, power windows and wireless power door locks.

The YRX’s three-spoke steering wheel features tilt and telescopic adjustments.

The small sedan’s aero kit includes front and back spoilers, as well as side and rear skirts.

Not that bad for a zipper, which is set to compete against such subcompacts as the Japanese 2007 Honda Fit and 2007 Nissan Versa, as well as the Korean Hyundai Accent and the American Chevrolet Aveo.

2007 Toyota Yaris YRX

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