Lumma CLR 600 body-kit for the BMW M6

Lumma CLR 600 body-kit for the BMW M6
BMW M6 Lumma CLR 600

The German Lumma Design tuning company has recently offered its new pimp-my-ride-style CLR 600 wide body kit for the BMW M6 performance coupe. Basically, the kit offers nothing but a set of plastic parts that add more weight and don’t look terribly beautiful from the point of view of pure aesthetics.

This is yet another example of how pathetic may look one’s attempt to improve an already outstanding design, using just a fast-food salad, made of lowered suspension, wider fenders, 20-inch alloy wheels and a larger than life rear spoiler.

Of course, the front bumper is native, but the German tuning specialist has glued on some a new front lip that supposedly enhances the downforce on the front axis at higher speeds.

Lumma CLR 600 body-kit for the BMW M6 (rear view)

As one may have already guessed, the kit includes only the aforementioned pieces of plastic. If you want to make the car even faster or are concerned about your brakes wearing too rapidly, you will have to look, err, someplace else.

Like, say, German über-tuner AC Schnitzer or Hamann.

Lumma CLR 600 body-kit for the BMW M6 (interior)

Photos: Lumma

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