Mitsubishi iCar kei-car to be assembled in India

Mitsubishi iCar kei-car to be assembled in India
Mitsubishi iCar

Sources say that the Indian Hindustan Motors Ltd. is going to start assembling the popular Mitsubishi iCar (aka Mitsubishi i) kei-car super-minis by the end of next year. First released half a year ago, the tiny Japanese vehicle is claimed to be the first in almost 50 years to employ a so-called rear midship design when the turbocharged 0.66-liter engine is placed not between the front wheels, but behind the passengers.

It is expected, that the vehicle will be imported in India ‘in a semi-knocked down form’ and then re-assembled at a factory near Chennai.

According to Wikipedia, Hindustan Motors is one of India’s three biggest car manufacturers groups. Founded in 1942, it was the biggest automaker in the country till the 1980s, when the market was opened to foreign competition.

In 1998 Hindustan Motors has begun cooperating with the Japanese Mitsubishi Motors, assembling more imposing, but also more expensive and less fuel efficient Mitsubishi Lancer sport sedan and Mitsubishi Pajero off-road models.

Photo: Mitsubishi

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