Porsche Cayman S TechArt GTsport tuning kit

Porsche Cayman S TechArt GTsport tuning kit
Porsche Cayman S TechArt GTsport

The notorious German tuning company TechArt, which is mostly known for its gangsta-style appearance pack for the Cayenne, has unveiled yet another tuning kit for the Porsche Cayman S — one of Porsche’s best selling models.

Aptly named GTsport, the new tuning kit consists of an outstanding-looking aerodynamic package, but also offers a serious upgrade for its 3.4-liter flat-6 boxer-type engine.

I must admit that, at least on the promo photos, the aero kit looks simply great: much better than the original Cayman S.

As you can see on the photos, there is a new front bumper with huge air intakes, new air splitter made of carbon-fiber, new air diffuser in the rear bumper and a larger than life rear wing. TechArt says that the wing is “fully adjustable,” but, frankly, I did not completely understand, how an average Joe can find the right attack angle for the wing without a wind tunnel.

Porsche Cayman S TechArt GTsport tuning kit (front view)

After the engine upgrade kit is installed, the tuned Cayman S has its powerplant’s displacement increased from standard 3,387 cm3 to much more impressive 3,824 cm3.

Corresponding changes in bore and piston sizes as well as installation of a special crankshaft made it possible increase Porsche’s maximum power output to 385 hp and heighten peak torque to 407 Nm.

The funny part here is that Porsche created the 3.4-liter engine by adding cylinder heads from the 3.8-liter mill that powered the Porsche 997 Carrera S grand tourer to the 3.2-liter M96.26 motor.

Well, I hope that the extra gain in power and torque will not lead to a premature death of the vehicle’s six-speed manual gearbox, which is, by the way is also equipped with TechArt’s short shifter.

Other enhancements to the vehicle include a modified intake manifold, new high performance exhaust system with more masculine sound and, of course, a remapped ECU (engine control unit.)

In its press release,TechArt says that it takes the tuned Porsche Cayman S 4.9 seconds only to jump from standstill to 62 mph. Car’s top speed has also been increased to 178 mph.

To make the car more stable on the road, the German tuning studio has also equipped the little beast with new suspension and a set of light-weight 20-inch TechArt Formula wheels.

Pricing starts at 100,000 euros.

Photos: TechArt

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