Range Rover Sport receives Hamann treatment

Range Rover Sport receives Hamann treatment
Range Rover Sport Hamann

The Gernam tuner has just presented its new personalization program for one of the 2007 Range Rover Sport entry-luxury crossover SUV. Although Hamann‘s tuning program for the current Range Rover Sport sufficiently undermines the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, but makes it the real highway star. At least, visually.

The new tuning program, says Hamann in its press release, is basically divided into three stages with one of them increasing the vehicle’s speed and acceleration and the other two dealing with its exterior appearance.

The first stage, which seems to add the more bang for the buck in terms of visual appeal and active safety, supplies the Range Rover Sport with new, more aggressive, aerodynamic body kit with a pair of Hamann’s signature “double-barrel” front fog lights, as well as sports brakes system and a custom made exhaust system.

Range Rover Sport tuned by Hamann

The second stage adds engine and exhaust tuning with a rather long list of customizations, such as modified supercharger ratio, a sports high-performance header, sports metal catalytic converters and a sports rear muffler, courtesy of which Range Rover Sport’s powerplant gets a boost up to 475 bhp and has its maximum torque increased to more impressive 610 Nm, which is achieved at pretty low 3500 rpm.

The third stage is about new wheels. Four flavors of 20-, 22-, and 23-inchers are available.

Well, there seem to be some modifications to the vehicle’s exterior, too, but, judging by the photos, they were limited to a set of new branded floor mats and new veneer imitating silver-colored by carbon-fiber (or something like that.)

Nothing is known about pricing, yet.

2007 Range Rover Sport Tokyo commercial
Range Rover Sport tuned by Hamann (interior)
Range Rover Sport tuned by Hamann (logo)

Photos: Hamann

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