Volkswagen GX3 three-wheeler discarded on legal concerns

Volkswagen GX3 three-wheeler discarded on legal concerns
Volkswagen GX3

The German carmaker Volkswagen has officially acknowledged that it will not build its much-awaited by enthusiasts GX3 three-wheeled sports vehicle created specifically for the North American market.

Citing “current and foreseen product issues”, VW’s CEO Adrian Hallmark stated in his e-mail that his company, which is usually associated with technically brilliant, but still very conservative-looking cars, is not ready to tackle them.

Volkswagen GX3 three-wheeler

The motorcycle-car crossover was unveiled during the last Los Angeles Auto Show and described as a “pure driving machine”.

The two-seater concept was equipped with a four-cylinder VW 1.6-liter engine capable to produce 125 hp and 152 Nm and push the 570 kg GX3 from zero to 62 mph in just 5.7 seconds.

Although being a sports vehicle, the VW GX3 would also provide more than decent mileage, going about 46 mpg in a city cycle.

Volkswagen planned to charge about $17,000 per vehicle.

What’s interesting, is that the three-wheeler “was developed for the U.S. market” from the scratch. How come the guys from VW’s marketing and legal departments have never met to discuss potential legal issues and other obstacles remains a mystery to me.

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