2007 BMW X5 E70 first official photos

2007 BMW X5 E70 first official photos
2007 BMW X5 E70

After an avalanche of doctored BMW X5 E70‘s spy photos, published even by the most reputable web-sites in the industry, the German car manufacturer BMW has finally decided to release a set of official pics of its 2007 model year flagship SUV, which is set to be unveiled later this year. It is reported that the new vehicle will be a few inches longer and wider than the outgoing model. It will also sport a trifle longer wheelbase, which will possibly make its interior more comfortable for occupants by offering more legroom.

2007 BMW X5 E70 commercial video

Although there were some worries about the SUV’s possible radical change of styling, luckily there was only a minor facelift, attempted to give the new X5 more modern look that would would allow it to compete with the new generation of Mercedes-Benz M-Class luxury crossover that, too, features a very impressive, even muscular exterior design.

2007 BMW X5 E70 (side view)

The major changes, however, were applied to the X5’s interior, which is now better equipped to compete against the same aforementioned the latest Mercedes-Benz ML-Class and –a slightly larger– Audi Q7 mid-size SUVs. The most important change is an optional third row of seats and -finally!- enough space to provide a pretty comfortable ride to all seven passengers. The pair of extra seats is clearly a bow to the North American market: I am fairly sure that European customers will still prefer good old five-seat versions of the car.

The new set of engines includes a 3.0-liter 272 hp inline six-cylinder and a 4.8-liter V8, which features a maximum 355 of horsepower and provides the heavy X5 with 6.5 seconds of zero to 62 mph acceleration.

Photos: BMW

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