2007 BMW X5 E70 pricing

2007 BMW X5 E70 pricing
2007 BMW X5 E70

BMW has just announced base prices for the recently unveiled 2007 BMW X5 E70 luxury crossover SUV. It is reported that the car, which is soon to replace the outgoing E53 model, will be built entirely in North America at BMW’s manufacturing facilities in Greer, South Carolina (USA) and Toluca, Mexico. That is the good news. And the bad news is…

Well, the bad news is that the facelifted X5 3.0si will cost $4,400 more than the outgoing base model. Although the increase in price is fairly impressive even if you factor in the inflation, it seems to be more or less justified, since the German car manufacturer offers you a lot more car for the money. And I am talking not only about more living space inside the elegantly shaped, yet muscular body, but also about all those little things that not only make your life easier, but also let you feel that you indeed are driving a truly premium vehicle.

2007 BMW X5 E70 (rear view)

The new BMW E70 X5 3.0si SUV will start at $45,900. The top of the line X5 4.8i will also cost $900 more than the older 4.4i model: in a very basic trim it will set you back for as much as $54,500. The $695 destination fee and handling are not included.

That’s not that bad, after all, since the latest model gives you a lot more power than the previous model in a base trim and the list of standard options has also been significantly expanded making the car quite luxurious even if you opt into saving both time and money and get the vehicle as is.

For example, the 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder engine now produces 260 hp — that is 35 hp more than the older engine could achieve.

The new X5 is also 7.4 inches longer, so it may be ordered with an optional third row of seats, a rearview camera, rollover mitigation system and that sort of stuff.

The X5 E70 is expected to appear in dealerships by late November.

2007 BMW X5 E70 (interior)

Photos: BMW

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