2007 Daihatsu Trevis kei-car for Europe

The Japanese niche car maker is about to bring to the European market its new Daihatsu Trevis super-mini: a tiny four-door vehicle that, sporting a wheelbase of 2375 mm, seats two grown-ups, a pair of kids and even their lap-dog.

Being a version of the JDM-only Daihatsu Mira Gino kei-car, this cute little baby measures only 3395 x 1475 x 1425 millimeters (length x width x height) and looks so fragile you actually want to put it in your bed.

2007 Daihatsu Trevis kei-car for Europe
2007 Daihatsu Trevis

While American and most European automakers still try to win buyers’ money with a tremendous amount of torque and mind-blowing power to weight ratio, the new Daihatsu Trevis tries to win peoples’ sense and sensibility.

Looking almost as cute as the good old Fiat 500 and the classic Austin Mini, the new Trevis features the same mpg as the hideous Smart ForFour city car (also known as ‘marketing disaster’).

The Trevis’ high mileage comes as no surprise, since the city-car is equipped with a tiny 1.0-liter DOHC three-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of only 58 hp.

2007 Daihatsu Trevis

Of course, the vehicle’s 0-100km/h acceleration time of 12.2 seconds is comparable to that of some underpowered truck-based SUVs, but the Daihatsu Trevis may run up to 49 miles on just one gallon of gasoline in the European city/highway combined cycle if equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox.

Regrettably, the optional four-speed automatic doesn’t fare that good, however it still lets the car make really decent 39 mpg.

The price is also not that bad for the European market.

Sources report that the basic Daihatsu Trevis Junior trim will start as low as €9,990, and the regular Trevis may be ordered for some €10,990 with such options as, for example, MOMO leather steering wheel and 14-inch alloy wheels.

An automatic transmission will add hefty €970 to the grand total, so you will have to make a difficult choice between convenience on one hand and affordability and fuel economy on the other.

2007 Daihatsu Trevis (interior)
2007 Daihatsu Trevis (interior, side view)

Photos: Daihatsu

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