2007 Holden HSV ClubSport R8 performance sedan

2007 Holden HSV ClubSport R8 performance sedan
2007 Holden HSV ClubSport R8

Although being the least powerful and the cheapest car in the recently unveiled new Holden’s HSV E-Series, the 2007 Holden ClubSport R8 performance sedan is expected to become the most popular vehicle in the line-up. You see, with its 6-liter V8 monster of an engine and a top speed of more than 280 kilometers per hour, the sports sedan will start below $63,000 Australian dollars, which actually makes it one of the most affordable sports cars in its niche.

The ClubSport R8 replaces the now gone Holden ClubSport, which also was the Australian company’s biggest seller.

2007 Holden HSV ClubSport R8

The car, don’t you worry, is better equipped and features 19-inch alloy wheels, cloth sports seats, twin-nostril grille, six-disc CD player, six airbags, electronic stability control and enhanced suspension.

Of course, there is also a ‘Sports Performance’ body aero kit, but it is not clear, whether it really lowers the R8’s aerodynamics’ drag or is it just a usual set of ‘silicon muscles’.

On the rear, the car features ‘unique’ LED taillights.

The R8 comes with an ‘enhanced’ LS2 6-liter V8 engine, capable of producing 411 horsepower and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of peak torque and mated with a standard M10 version of Tremec T56 six-speed manual gearbox or an optional 6L80 E six-speed automatic.

To make taming all those horses easier, the car is equipped with a premium four-piston brake system.

2007 Holden HSV ClubSport R8 (rear view)

Photos: GM/Holden

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