2007 Suzuki Swift Sport goes to Europe

2007 Suzuki Swift Sport goes to Europe
2007 Suzuki Swift Sport

The Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki plans to unveil the European version of its popular Swift Sport Mini-fighter during the upcoming Paris motor show, scheduled from September 28 to October 15. The JDM version of the car has on sale since October 2005 and, predictably, proved quite popular among the local crowd that clearly prefers compact city hatches to oversized trucks. The new model differs from the main version only with its three-door body with more dramatic aerodynamic elements and a bigger engine that delivers more oomph and makes this tiny metal bug more fun to drive.

According to the Japanese company, the three-door hatch, designed with BMW’s Mini Hatch in mind, will go on sale this fall.

2007 Suzuki Swift Sport

The vehicles will be assembled in Hungary at Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s plant.

If the European specs have anything to do with the Japanese model, then we’ll see a vehicle motivated by a four-cylinder twin-cam engine with 16 valves, capable to produce up to 125 horsepower.

That is not even close to Mini Cooper S’s 175 hp, but is good enough to kick regular Cooper’s butt, especially taking into account the fact, that the Swift Sport is considerably lighter than the Mini.

You can also expect noticeably better build quality, especially when taking into consideration numerous problems that plague Mini owners on a daily basis.

All other technical specs seem to remain the same. The vehicle sports pretty much impressive wheelbase of 2390 millimeters (94.1 inches) and, although just 1690 mm (66.5 in) wide, can easily sit up to five passengers with enough comfort to drive from a shared apartment to a campus on the other side of a city.

There is no info about the price but do expect some $15,000 for a basic trim.

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