Heico Sportiv Volvo C70 tuning kit

Heico Sportiv Volvo C70 tuning kit
Heico Sportiv Volvo C70 tuning kit

Although the latest 2006 Volvo C70 coupe-convertible seems to be one of the most successful attempts at creating a two-door coupe with a hardtop roof (other vehicles, even the glamorous Mercedes-Benz SLK, with their long trunks and rather short cabins looks a little bit lousy, you know), the German Heico Sportiv tuning company dares to add some final touches that make the C70 look really gorgeous. For the money, of course.

Bodykit-wise, the guys at Heico have added a new front spoiler flaps with a pair of additional foglights and more stylish air intakes.

Heico Sportiv Volvo C70 tuning kit (rear view)

A separate cornering light kit has also been introduced: like on many recently introduced luxury cars, the system controls the foglamps, forcing them to move right or left while cornering.

There is also quite a noticeable power boost for the C70’s five-cylinder 2.5-liter T5 engine, which now features 250 instead of 220 horsepower.

Of course, in order to make controlling these extra horses a tad easier, Heico Sportive has also offered a set of dynamic upgrades, such as a sport suspension and brakes, limited-slip differential and wheel/tire combinations in sizes up to 20 inches.

The picture is finished with a twin-pipe oval exhaust system made of stainless-steel.

Heico Sportiv Volvo C70 tuning kit (side view)

Photos: Heico Sportiv

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