2007 Maybach 57 S luxury sedan

2007 Maybach 57 S luxury sedan
2007 Maybach 57 S

Maybach, the German luxury cars manufacturer that seems to struggle to gain a foothold in the land, which is dominated by the British Rolls-Royce and Bentley road yachts, is going to present its refreshed Maybach 57 S study on wheels during the upcoming international motor show in Paris.

The sporty Maybach 57 S will for the first time wear a pearl white tuxedo. Just like some waiter, yuck!

2007 Maybach 57 S luxury sedan (side view)

Anyways, the new “Antiqua White” finish is the most interesting point about the new Maybach 57 S street-legal ocean cruiser.

The finish, company says, is applied in multiple layers –in fact, almost twice more layers than most of the luxurious cars usually receive– and is composed of two basic tones, which in combination provide its pearl sheen.

The “Antiqua White” color is available to all Maybach’s customers as an individualization option.

2007 Maybach 57 S luxury sedan (interior)

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