2007 Skoda Octavia Scout

2007 Skoda Octavia Scout
2007 Skoda Octavia Scout

Based on the good old Volkswagen Golf V platform, the 2007 Skoda Octavia Scout compact station wagon is trying to fill the niche, which is for some unknown reason left vacant by Audi. The four-wheel drive version of the popular and not particularly expensive family vehicle features a Haldex Traction FWD system and has its ground clearance increased by whole 40 millimeters when compared to the standard version of the car.

It is a budget version of the *sigh* still imaginary Audi A4 Allroad luxury vehicle.

2007 Skoda Octavia Scout (rear view)

The new Skoda Octavia Scout has at least one definite advantage against its relatives.

When compared to the Octavia Combi and the all-wheel-drive Combi 4×4, the Scout features an impressive ground clearance of 18cm (7.08in), which is respectively 40 (1.57in) and 16 (0.63in) millimeters higher.

Although you won’t feel yourself really comfortable cornering at a higher speed, your chance of successfully mastering a road covered with snow or deep mud is significantly higher. Of course, if you have your wheels wrapped in a right rubber, that is.

It is also 10 mm longer, 15 mm wider and 13 mm higher than the Octavia 4×4. Both cars have the same wheelbase of 2578 mm.

The Octavia Scout may be ordered with a choice of two VAG’s four-bangers – the 2.0 TDI PD diesel, capable of producing a maximum of 140 horsepower, and the latest 2.0 FSI gasoline engine, featuring 150 hp, which is transmitted to the ground via the Haldex multi-plate clutch, installed in front of the rear axle.

Unfortunately, Skoda says nothing about their torque capabilities.

The car with the FSI engine will take only 7.3 seconds to reach the 100km/h whether you drive a version with a manual or an automatic gearbox.

The oil-burner is a trifle more sluggish taking at least 10.2 seconds to achieve the same speed. However, I bet 10 quids that the diesel-powered version will feel more comfortable for those driving aggressively in city traffic.

It is reported that the vehicle will be officially unveiled later this month during the upcoming motor show in Paris.

2007 Skoda Octavia Scout (interior)
2007 Skoda Octavia Scout (interior, steering wheel)
2007 Skoda Octavia Scout (interior, luggage compartment)

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