2007 Volkswagen Cross Golf

2007 Volkswagen Cross Golf
2007 Volkswagen Cross Golf

Ahead of the international motor show in Paris, Volkswagen has unveiled its new 2007 VW Cross Golf crossover-hatchback. It looks that, while the German brand puts final touches on its upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan compact crossover SUV, the car manufacturer terribly needs a small car with a sporty, off-road-style design able to attract young families that prefer active lifestyle.

The German colossus presumes that the Cross Golf will compete against such compact crossovers as Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V before the company will be able to start manufacturing the aforementioned Tiguan: a “real” compact crossover SUV, which will look like VW Touareg 2‘s younger -and smaller- brother.

Still, you should bear in mind that this car is NOT a real crossover. Not only it lacks a proper four-wheel drive system being offered only with front wheel drive, the list of electronic assistants is, too, limited at pretty much mundane ASP and ABS systems.

Info on the 2007 Volkswagen CrossGolf is still sketchy but the car supposed to have 17-inch wheels, higher ground clearance, massive side mirrors and stronger front and rear bumpers.

It will possibly be powered by a wide range of engines, starting with VW’s 1.4-liter 80 hp motor through the latest 2.0 FSI with a maximum of 150 hp power output. There may also be a 140 horsepower diesel engine.

2007 Volkswagen Cross Golf (front view)

Photos: Volkswagen

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