BMW E30 M3 tuning kit by MK-Motorsport

MK-Motorsport tuning specialist has unveiled its new tuning suite for the legendary BMW E30 M3 jet-fighter.

The most successful generation of all M3-s that marks its 20th anniversary this year gets new range of engines and a carbon-fiber body kit. And you know what? It’s never too late to get a face lift.

BMW E30 M3 tuning kit by MK-Motorsport
BMW E30 M3 tuning kit by MK-Motorsport

The BMW M3 E30 is one of those cars you never ashamed to be seen in.

Really. A Porsche from the mid-80s says that you have oh so plenty of ambition but lack money. The M3 E30 tells everyone that you still have financial problems but, at least, you’ve got a good taste. And you know the history, too.

So, MK-Motorsport has chosen the right moment to offer its new tuning kit for the older Bimmer. The kit, company says, consists of a range of upgrades for the 2.3 and 2.5-liter engines, new body panels, some interior upgrades and new brakes and suspension systems.

Engine upgrade

The stage “A” program means that the tuner will install a carbon-fiber airbox, alpha N electronics with a new engine control unit and software dating from 2005. After all these modifications the engine will gain some additional 20 horsepower.

The stage “B” means that the car will receive MK sports camshaft, a modified cylinder head and specially adapted electronics, which give the vehicle 30 more horsepower. Together with new airbox, the total power gain will increase by 50 bhp.

The stage “C” package will include forged pistons, special MK valves and big end bearings, and super-light racing bucket tappets. There will also be installed new crankshaft and flywheel, which all in all provide for the total of between 265 and 295 bhp for the 2.3 and 2.5-liter engines respectively.

New exhaust system with MK high-performance header, MK steel catalytic converter and either the MK or MK-DTM rear silencer will increase maximum power output by additional 15 horsepower.

BMW E30 M3 tuning kit by MK-Motorsport (body kit)

New brakes and suspension

The BMW M3 E30 will also receive larger brakes with inside-vented and slotted discs measuring up to 332 mm, anodized aluminium 4 or 6-piston brake callipers, MK brake linings and steel flex brake lines.

The new suspension is a combination of shock absorbers/springs or a range of four coilover suspensions. MK stabilisers and MK strut braces go to complete the suspension range.

Well, may be it’s not that good as the 2007 BMW M3 but it is certainly classic.

BMW E30 M3 tuning kit by MK-Motorsport (new brakes and suspension)

Photos: MK-Motorsport

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