Michalak C7: DIY Smart Roadster

While those (incredibly) rich and (not particularly) famous guys standing behind the Project Kimber are trying to make up their minds whether to resurrect the Smart Roadster in the UK or somewhere else (if at all), some creative folks there in Germany are trying to monetize this limbo situation by bringing a Do It Yourself kit that will help you to turn your old Roadster into a (sort of) your own version of the car. Using the same Smart ForTwo super-mini as a donor, you can make yourself a retro-styled roadster that looks cool and clearly won’t break the bank if you’ll manage to do the bulk of the work on your own.

Well, without further ado, behold the gorgeous Michalak C7 — the old Smart Roadster‘s new skin.

Michalak C7: DIY Smart Roadster
Michalak C7 Smart Roadster

Okay…The pictures that were disseminated by the persons behind the whole project are absolutely horrible. I mean, the background and all, but I guess you get the basic idea: people at Michalak Design decided to get rid of the SR’s original futuristic body, replacing it with completely new fiberglass body panels, doors and hood.

The result is a pretty retro-looking vehicle that will be able to grab some attention for its proud owner.

From the technical standpoint, this is the same old Smart Fortwo with its original engine, transmission, axles and suspension system. Seats, steering wheel and fuel tank also come from the ForTwo.

Michalak C7: DIY Smart Roadster (rear view)

The list of options includes xenon headlights, Recaro seats and aluminum alloys.

Although the Michalak C7 uses Smart’s mechanics, it is slightly faster, since with the new body it weighs only 620 kg — 170 kilos lighter than the Roadster.

Accordingly, the C7 accelerates from zero to 60 mph in less than 9 seconds, which is still rather anemic.

The kit costs as low as €7,000.

Michalak C7: DIY Smart Roadster (side view)

Photos: Michalak Design / Wikipedia

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