Nissan Micra tuned by ELIA

Nissan Micra tuned by ELIA. Can I have it in pink, please?
Nissan Micra ELIA

Some cars just can’t be too cute. Take this good old Nissan Micra compact convertible for example. This Japanese toy doesn’t try to compete with road monsters from Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW in terms of available power, torque or drivability. It simply can’t. However, when it comes to sheer cuteness, the Nissan Micra -the car that in its current form was introduced around four years ago- is simply unbeatable.

Not that I like it too much, but I would pretty much like one of these cuties for my wife, instead of the Hummer H2 she expects for her next birthday. Blokes at ELIA think that their new tuning kit for the Micra will bring it some additional sex appeal. Well…

Nissan Micra tuned by ELIA (rear view)

The tuning package from ELIA solves two problems.

Firstly, it provides adequate mud coverage for the wider wheels, letting the car comply with new EG regulations.

Secondly, the kit, which consists of a new front spoiler and “partly” new rear skirts, gives the Micra a little bit more sporty appearance, capable to ease the guilty feeling one gets after purchasing such a, err, vehicle.

The eight-piece kit costs only €665 and can be matched by one of ELIA’s four wheel sets in the sizes 6,5×16, 7×17, 7,5×17 and 7×18. All these parts can be purchased separately.

Photos: ELIA

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