2007 Ford Mondeo sedan

2007 Ford Mondeo sedan
2007 Ford Mondeo

The 2007 Ford Mondeo sedan has been unofficially unveiled. Featuring chrome elements on its front grille, a chrome frame on the lower air intake, as well as a set of cool light-alloy wheels wrapped in a low-profile rubber, this car is truly a stunner. The problem is — it’s a concept.

Although Ford Motors has a bad habit of delivering dull and uninteresting vehicles (I’m not talking about the Mustang or other halo-cars in Ford’s production program) this one -somewhat unexpectedly- makes quite a strong impression. And, although clearly marked as a concept vehicle, the car looks very close to a production model.

This Ford Mondeo sedan has been built to star in the next James Bond movie, Casino Royale (don’t you worry, Mr. Bond still drives his deadly Aston Martin there), and maybe that’s why the concept looks so good.

Perhaps, the final version will have much less chrome and it will most likely lose its monster alloy wheels somewhere between the movie screen and your local dealer’s show room, but I am completely positive that the vehicle will still retain its dynamic -and even aggressive- appearance thanks to its oversized head lights and streamlined, nicely sculpted body.

There is also a chance that the 2007 Ford Mondeo will still be shipped with its original fifth door, which is putting the concept somewhere in between the sedan and the hatchback kingdoms.

Photo: Ford

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