2007 Nissan Sentra price goes north

2007 Nissan Sentra
2007 Nissan Sentra

The facelifted 2007 Nissan Sentra will sell at a significantly higher price than the outgoing model. According to the Japanese company, the new version of the compact sedan is going to bear a hefty price tag of $15,365.

The price increase seems to be justified by a visible increase both in size (the vehicle is 65 millimeters longer, 113 millimeters higher and almost 91 millimeters wider than the outgoing model) and interior volume: there is clearly more living space than in the last year’s model. Still, judging by preliminary promo photos, there is still too much of cheap plastic on the front panel and the Sentra’s interior still feels more Spartan that I would care to endure.

Although still more or less affordable, the base model of the car is $1560 more expensive than the current model, which is more or less expected considering the fact that the car has grown in size, offers more features and also factors in inflation expectations. By the way, a version equipped with an automatic gearbox will set you back at even more impressive $16,265.

Sentra’s with Nissan’s well-known CVT transmission are a hundred bucks cheaper and will set you back for $16,165 with shipping included.

The price increase is justified by the fact that the 2007 MY vehicle features larger body, offers a spacer interior with more leg room and higher luggage capacity.

It is also powered by a new 2.0-liter engine, which will replace the current 1.8-liter powerplant. With its 130hp of maximum power output and 140 lb-ft (190 Nm) of torque, the engine offers bearable 0-62mph acceleration time of 9 seconds and returns fuel economy of 28 / 34 mpg in city and highway cycles respectively.

Competing against the new Chevrolet Cobalt, Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Civic and Pontiac G5, the new Sentra returns better performance, comparable cargo volume and, to my knowledge, offers better overall driving experience.

Photo: Nissan

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