Anteros XTR Hardtop / Targa

Anteros XTR Hardtop
Anteros XTR Hardtop

The California-based design studio Anteros Marketing is getting itself ready to present the new Anteros XTR Hardtop and XTR Targa sports cars at the upcoming SEMA auto show. Based on Chevrolet Corvette Z06/C6 components, the XTR family heavily draws its inspiration on the old-school European design of the mid-XX century with a little post-modern twist to it.

Frankly, this is the first time that I hear about Anteros Marketing, so there is a good chance that the West Coast fellas simply want to get some media attention and their XTR family of supercars is nothing but a vaporware. Still, I hope that both hardtop and targa will actually make it to the market: both vehicles look really nice.

Anteros XTR Targa (interior)

The cars will feature Corvette’s supercharged engines capable of producing 550 to 650 horsepower, so pretty impressive on the road performance is expected.

Prices for the Anteros XTR Hardtop and XTR Targa will start at $100,000. For the money you’ll get a Magnuson supercharger, stainless still performance exhaust system, OnStar, GPS/Navigation, heated seats and so on.

Photos: Anteros

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