Hummer H3 got a safari-style open-top

Hummer H3 got a safari-style open-top
Hummer H3 open-top

The American car manufacturing juggernaut GM and a soft-top maker brand ASC of the same origin have joined their forces in order to turn an off-road-capable but still way too metrosexual Hummer H3 mid-size SUV into an open-top lion-hunter’s dream. Initially introduced couple of years ago as a concept vehicle, the compact SUV has finally been green-lighted for mass production. In the process, the vehicle dropped the rather pretentious “Cosmos” part from its badge.

The safari-style Hummer H3 is equipped with a special unidirectional sliding-fabric “Infinivu” roof system, which is supposed to provide the vehicle’s passengers with heroic visions while keeping them in comfort, whether it’s sunshine or a tropical rain outside.

Hummer H3 Open-Top Concept

The H3 is also sporting 20×9-inch Rozzi EGO chrome wheels and Mickey Thompson Baja Claw 20-inch tires.

The vehicle is painted in a Silver Spectra Flair tri-coat paint job with blacked-out wheel arches.

Inside, the Hummer H3 Open Top concept features custom Townsend lambskin leather upholstery with Gatsby green accent stitching and other examples of useless luxury, including the subscription-based OnStar GPS navigation system.

Photos: General Motors / ASC American Specialty Cars

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