Volvo C30-based Heico HS3 D5 sports car

Volvo C30-based Heico HS3 D5 sports car
Volvo C30-based Heico HS3 D5

During the upcoming Essen Motor Show, which is for the European tuners the same as the annual SEMA event for the North American market, German tuner Heico Sportiv will show off its new Heico HS3 D5 sports car, based on the latest 2007 Volvo C30 warmed-up hatchback.

The body kit consists of new front and rear bumper spoilers, fender flares and side skirts.

Volvo C30-based Heico HS3 D5 sports car (rear view)

Besides the cool-looking body kit, the HS3 D5 also features quite an extensive tuning program, which includes new height-adjustable suspension and 4-piston sports brake kit.

The vehicle’s five-cylinder diesel engine produces 50 Nm more peak torque (400 Nm or 542 lb-ft) and 205 hp, which is 25 hp more than the stock engine’s maximum power output.

It takes the Heico HS3 D5 only 7.9 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mph. Its top speed almost reaches 143 mph (230 km/h).

To let the engine breath easier, it is mated with new 4-tip stainless steel exhaust. Vehicle’s sports character is underlined with usual interior accessories, such as made of aluminum pedal set, foot rest, hand-brake lever, and door pins.

The Heico HS3 D5 tuning package will be available next year.

Photos: Heico Sportiv

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