KTM X-Bow (Crossbow) to debut in Geneva

KTM X-Bow (Crossbow)
KTM X-Bow (Crossbow)

The Austrian brand KTM has almost finished the first prototype of its futuristic KTM X-Bow (Crossbow) roadster.

Judging by the looks of it, the famous Austrian-based motorcycle manufacturer tries to apply the main idea behind a sports bike to an ultra-compact sports car: get an engine, build a frame around it, throw in a steering wheel and a couple of seats and cover it with a sheet or two of aerodynamic-looking plastic. Oh, and don’t forget to spray it with some bright paint. Quite predictably, the result looks extremely cool.

The model, to be equipped with a four-cylinder Audi engine, producing as much as 220 horsepower and equipped with either a six-speed manual or the famous DSG gearbox, will feature acceleration time of well under four seconds.

KTM X-Bow (Crossbow) roadster

There may also be much more powerful model, featuring 300 hp and even better dynamics.

Like many other super-lightweight roadsters available, the KTM X-Bow will have no windshield but will be sold with a pair of specially designed helmets instead.

The helmets will not provide the driver and a passenger with adequate crash protection, but will do to cover their owners from water and dust particles.

A scale model of 1:2.5 has already been built for wind-tunnel testing. The model reportedly corresponds in almost every detail to the actual roadster.

KTM currently plans to manufacture 100 units and sell them through its dealership network at a starting price of €40,000. The manufacturing process will be outsourced to Italian race car automaker Dallara.

If the X-Bow is successful enough, KTM will later start mass-production of the cars on its own facilities in Austria, producing around 500 roadsters per year.

KTM X-Bow (Crossbow) roadster (rear view)

Photos: KTM

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