Subaru to unveil its first “boxer” opposite diesel engine

2007 Subaru Outback
2007 Subaru Outback

So, it happened. Neglecting European dieselists’ woes for ages, the Japanese all-wheel-drive specialist has eventually embraced the old technology and designed its own version of a turbocharged diesel engine. Of course, Subaru didn’t do this feat out of sheer generosity. On the European market, you either offer a car with at least one oil-burner to choose from or you die a painful and very lonely death.

Subaru is now readying to unveil the world’s first horizontally opposed oil-burner during the upcoming motor show in Geneva.

Subaru boxer diesel engine

The “boxer” scheme provides the engine with a lot of benefits, such as a more compact form, lower center of gravity and reduced body roll. Subaru also promises that the new engine’s body will be so rigid and silent it won’t actually need a balancer shaft.

In Geneva the engine will be presented as a part of drive-train only but it is expected to be fitted to the new Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles in 2008.

The 2.0-liter four-banger will presumably develop some 165bhp and about 250 lb-ft (339 Nm) of peak torque.

Photos: Subaru

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