Alfa GT Blackline Limited Edition

Alfa GT Blackline Limited Edition
Alfa GT Blackline Limited Edition

The Italian Alfa Romeo company has eventually introduced its latest Alfa GT BlackLine limited edition series to the U.K. market. Although not featuring anything earth-shuttering in terms of technical specifications, the new limited edition car may still help the struggling Italian brand to sell an extra hundred or two of sporty-looking coupes.

Being equipped with a choice of two anemic engines, the car is by no means an asphalt-burner but it will be a great purchase for those who prefer style over substance.

Alfa GT Blackline Limited Edition (side view)

And the car is stylish, indeed. The Alfa GT BlackLine UK is offered with bespoke 18-inch alloys, metallic black paint, satin effect wing mirrors and chrome exhaust tips. Inside, the car features black leather interior, aluminum “sports” pedals, an aluminum gearknob, and a Bose sound system.

Alas, all this style is ruined with just a couple of weak engines, not being able to push the Alfa GT as fast as its exterior styling promises.

The 2.0-liter JTS gasoline engine produces only 165 bhp and takes about 8.7 seconds to accelerate the car from zero to 62 mph and limits its top speed to just 134 mph.

The 1.9-liter JTDM diesel engine is capable of delivering no more than 150 bhp, so don’t expect the acceleration time to be better than 9.6 seconds and the top speed to exceed 130 mph.

Photos: Alfa Romeo

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