2007 VW Touareg tuning kit by JE Design

German tuning specialist JE Design has just revealed an upgrade kit for the 2007 VW Touareg. Clearly designed with a city dweller in mind, the new tuning package doesn’t contribute to the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, but in return makes it a lot more potent on an Autobahn.

JE Design’s new tuning program for the updated 2007 Volkswagen Touareg offers considerable power boost for the SUV’s diesel engine, as well as a new body kit.

2007 VW Touareg tuning kit by JE Design
2007 VW Touareg by JE Design

The aero kit consists of a new front spoiler with cartridges for double headlights consisting of fog lamps and upper beam headlights, a pair of side sills with an air inlet and a rear apron attachment, also available with the Park Distance Control system.

The engine upgrade increases Touareg’s 2.5-liter TDI oil-burner’s maximum power output from 174 bhp to more impressive 206 bhp, boosting its peak torque to mighty 460 Nm.

More powerful VW Touareg V10 5.0 TDI’s maximum available power has also been increased from 313 bhp to 352 bhp, while its peak torque skyrocketed to from 750 Nm to 855 Nm.

The mid-range 3.0 V6 TDI, too, received its dose of JE Design’s steroids, growing from 225 bhp to 285 bhp and from 500 Nm to 550 Nm.

2007 VW Touareg tuning kit by JE Design (rear view)

The 2007 Volkswagen Touareg may also be equipped with a new set of 84 mm stainless steel twin tailpipes, AZEV alloys in the size 10 x 22″ ET 50 fitted with 295/30 R 22 tires, and either a height-adjustable Variant 3 KW coilover suspension from stainless steel with adjustable rebound and pressure damping, or an electronic suspension lowering module, the former capable of lowering the SUV by some 30 to 75 mm and the latter — by about 35 mm.

There is still no info on price and availability of the kits.

2007 VW Touareg tuning kit by JE Design (side view, backlighting)

Photos: JE Design

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