2008 Kia Sportage SUV

2008 Kia Sportage SUV gets refreshed
2008 Kia Sportage

As the Korean company partly shifts 2008 Kia Sportage‘s production to Slovakia, the compact SUV receives a minor face-lifting. With its last year’s Hyundai Santa Fe, the Korean carmaking conglomerate clearly indicated its intention to make their SUVs less off-road capable trading articulation for better handling on a highway. The next generation of Sportage is still on its way, but, as you can see on the picture above and after the jump, it gets more and more expensive to maintain if you plan to use it on a trail.

The 2008 model year SUV will get restyled front grille, black bezel headlamps, enlarged door mirrors, *sigh* body-colored bumpers, and new-style alloy wheels.

2008 Kia Sportage SUV

The refreshed Kia Sportage will also be offered with a much broader range of colors – both interior and exterior – and a wide choice of gasoline and diesel engines available with either manual or automatic gearboxes.

New standard 16-inch wheels with 215/65 R16 tires now hide larger 300mm brakes capable of decelerating the Sportage from 100 km/h (62mph) to zero in just 41.6 meters, which is about as good as Toyota RAV4’s stopping distance.

The comfort level has also been slightly increased with the help of larger front seats and lowered rear seats, as well as thanks to reshaped side mirrors producing less aerodynamic noise.

2008 Kia Sportage SUV (front view)

Photos: Kia

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