2008 Mini Cooper Clubman

It’s official: the long-awaited Mini Cooper Clubman five-door hatchback will come to dealerships in the beginning of 2008. Although, compared to other vehicles in the niche, the choice of trims and engines is limited at best, both versions of the car are very different (at least when it comes to power and fuel efficiency), it will be quite easy to sell the car to both the tree-huggers of San-Francisco and driving enthusiasts from the East Coast.

During the first quarter of the year the car will be available in the most regions of the world.

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman expands the mighty family
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman

The car, Mini Canada is announcing, will be produced in two versions — Mini Cooper Clubman S and less powerful Mini Cooper Clubman.

The top of the range “Mini Cooper Clubman S” model will be equipped with the new four-banger with twin-scroll turbocharger and direct fuel injection we’ve already seen under the new MINI Cooper S’ bonnet.

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman

With only 1598cc of displacement available, the gasoline engine produces up to 172 hp @ 5,500 rpm and develops a maximum torque of 177 lb-ft available from 1,600 to 5,000 rpm.

The less potent Mini Cooper Clubman will be available with a four-cylinder gasoline engine with variable valve management based on the BMW’s VALVETRONIC technology.

Sporting the same 1598cc of displacement, the engine will produce 118 hp @ 6,000 rpm and will feature a max. torque of 114 lb-ft peaking at 4,250 rpm.

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (side view)

As you can see on the pictures above and below, the vehicle’s most distinct features will be significantly increased wheelbase and the second, handle-free door behind the right front door, called the Clubdoor.

Opening to the rear when the front door is opened, the Clubdoor will -hopefully- provide convenient access to the second row of seats.

More technical specs and pricing will be announced closer to the Mini Clubman’s market launch.

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (top view)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (rear view, all doors open)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (interior)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (interior, luggage compartment)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (interior, second row)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (city, rear view)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (city, side view)
2008 Mini Cooper Clubman (city, side view, doors open)

Photos: BMW/Mini

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