2008 Mazda6 (Euro version)

2008 Mazda6 kicks Toyota Camrys backside
2008 Mazda6

You know, Mazda has always tried, but has never quite achieved its goal of becoming an automotive design rock-star. But now, it seems that the company has finally found its own voice. Perhaps, a part of their success could be attributed to the current trend of introducing cars that, like plastic mannequins in a department store, look all the same, deliberately lacking their own faces. Still, the Euro-spec 2008 Mazda6 is a nice car.

Although clearly influenced by Ford’s “Kinetic Design” principles, the 2008 Mazda6 nevertheless looks much better than previous generations of the car and easily surpasses its main competitors like Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima or 2008 Honda Accord.

2008 Mazda6 (Euro version)

As it was the case with previous generations, the 2008 Mazda6 will be offered as a sedan, five-door hatchback and a station wagon. Although based on the new Ford Mondeo, the car will feature slightly smaller wheelbase, and lower curb weight.

So, expect lower CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency.

The 2008 Mazda6 will be officially presented in Frankfurt in a matter of days, so details are still scarce.

Anyway, the car is reported to feature xenon headlights, LED tail lights, active cruise control and parking sensors. Inside the vehicle, one will find dual-zone climate control, an engine starter button, heated seats, voice-activated controls and a Bose stereo system.

It is not yet clear, whether all these amenities will be listed as standard or offered as pricey options.

2008 Mazda6 (side view)
2008 Mazda6 station wagon
2008 Mazda6 station wagon (rear view)
2008 Mazda6 station wagon (rear hatch open)
2008 Mazda6 (interior)
2008 Mazda6 (interior, instruments cluster)
2008 Mazda6 (interior, audio system console)
2008 Mazda6 (interior, engine start/stop button)

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