2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8

The 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series (it will be sold as the LC V8 model in Europe) will be unveiled in October at the upcoming motor show in Sydney, Australia.

Unlike its more luxurious sibling, the 2008 Lexus LX 570, which is available only with a 5.7-liter V8 gasoline engine the new TLC200 will be sold with a choice of two powerful V8 engines working either on gas or on diesel fuel. It could have been more handsome, though.

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV

Compared to the outgoing TLC 100 model, the 200 series SUV will get 60mm longer, 30mm wider and 15mm higher than its predecessor. However, counter-intuitively, the SUV will offer almost the same interior space.

Land Cruiser’s full-frame structure has been strengthened to increase safety, reduce noise and vibration and enhance interior comfort.

The vehicle now features a double-wishbone front suspension with coil springs, which comes in place of the previous torsion-bar set-up, improving handling and stability on paved roads.

The real off-roaders are not that good on a decent pavement, so 2008 Toyota LandCruiser will also feature a hydraulic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), controlling the front and rear stabilizer bars for better on-road stability.

On the European market, the SUV will also feature a pneumatic suspension system, outsourced from the luxurious Lexus LX 570 model.

There will also be a CRAWL automatic speed control system, making it easier to drive the car on surfaces such as rocks, sand or steep hills. The system lets the driver set the desired speed in one of three levels varying between 1 km/h and 5 km/h and focus all of his/her attention on the road (or the lack thereof).

Unfortunately, the crawl control system is available on with the cars powered by gasoline engines. For reasons unknown, Toyota’s engineers failed to provide similar system with the diesel-powered cars.

Adding insult to injury, they also removed a cooled storage box from the central tunnel of the diesel-powered version. Damn.

The 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 seats up to eight passengers and comes with such safety equipment as vehicle stability control and up to 10 airbags – front, side and knee airbags for the driver and front passenger, side airbags for the outboard second-row seats and curtain shield airbags for all three rows.

The list of options includes smart entry and smart start, Bluetooth, satellite navigation and steering wheel controls.

In the United States, the V8-powered luxury SUV will start at $63,200. It will arrive to Europe only in December and will cost twice as more.

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV (rear view)
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV (off-road, hill-climbing)
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV (interior transformation)
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV (interior)
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / V8 SUV (V8 engine)

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