2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid SUV

2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid SUV
2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid

Trying to reduce average MPG of vehicles exported to United States, car manufacturers around the world desperately work on adapting hybrid powerplants to work with their existing vehicles. Planned to go on sale in 2009, the 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid will probably be the first German-made hybrid sports utility vehicle on the market.

And the German car manufacturer claims that the compact sports ‘ute will be the most fuel-efficient two-mode petrol hybrid SUV in the world.

The SUV, company is reporting in its press release, will feature electric-only driving mode. It will sport 340hp of combined power and 480 Nm of combined maximum torque when both the electric motor and the 4.5-liter gasoline engine are working together.

The hybrid powertrain is so efficient that the heavy Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid will use only 7.7 liters of gasoline per 100 km (that’s about 30.5 mpg) and will emit only 185g/km of CO2 emissions, going well below the 225 g/km limit set by London’s Mayor Mr. Ken Livingstone in order to barren gas-guzzling SUVs from the City of London.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

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