Alfa Romeo 147 C’N’C Costume National

Alfa Romeo 147 CNC Costume National spec.ed.
Alfa Romeo 147 C'N'C Costume National spec.ed.

At the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt, the Italian brand is going to present its new Alfa Romeo 147 C’N’C Costume National special edition sporty hatchback.

Although the choice of partner brand in this particular instance looks somewhat peculiar (I mean, we’ve already got used to limited edition vehicles created together with makers of car tires or car multimedia and sound systems, but a clothing company? Hm…), but the vehicle still looks quite nice, mainly thanks to the chosen color scheme.

Created in cooperation with fashion designer Ennio Capasa who is standing behind the label Costume National, the 147 CNC will be limited to only 1,000 units.

Alfa Romeo 147 CNC Costume National

From the technical stand, the 147 CNC will not differ from normal 2007 Alfa Romeo 147.

It sports an adequate 150 bhp 1.9 JTDM engine and comes equipped with VDC, ASR, ABS with EBD and six airbags. Like it is always the case in the world of fashion, the car will mostly be about the looks, not performance.

The car will feature exclusive Eldorado White paintwork with its mother-of-pearl effect, chrome-plated exhaust terminal, glossy black wing mirror cases, darkened rear lights and exclusive painted, sparkle-effect 17-inch wheels.

The overall exclusiveness will be further underlined by a bunch of 147 C’N’C logos on the pillars and tailgate.

Inside, you’ll find leather and Alcantara upholstery, instrument cluster with red background, carpeting mats with identity plate and aluminum heel-high strips.

There is also a Bose Hi-Fi system with a subwoofer, satellite navigation and an anti-theft system.

Alfa Romeo 147 CNC Costume National (side view)
Alfa Romeo 147 CNC Costume National (interior)

Photos: Alfa Romeo/C’N’C

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