Loremo LS to get an electric drive by 2010

Loremo LS to get an electric drive by 2010
Loremo LS

Loremo hasn’t even begun producing the much over-hyped diesel-powered super-efficient and super-affordable vehicle, but the company’s already touting the next step in development: an electric-powered Loremo LS.

Based on the Loremo LS Concept, the electric vehicle will possibly be launched by 2010. If everything goes as planned, by that time the German company with Malaysian funding will have the diesel-version of the car selling at a price of about €15,000.

Automotive News says that Loremo plans to sell at as many as 10,000 fuel-efficient cars in the first year and will make sure that this number grows as rapidly as it is possible.

Just like the concept model, the electric vehicle will be able to seat three passengers and a driver.

There will also be hybrid version of the Loremo LS powered by a diesel engine with an electric-only range of six to twelve miles.

Only time will tell whether this is just another waporware or the world is really going to change with a new breed of cars that are both cheap to buy and to maintain and are also as efficient as a LED light.

Photo: Loremo AG

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