2008 VW Golf R32 tuned by Abt

2008 VW Golf R32 tuned by Abt
2008 VW Golf R32 tuned by Abt

Looks like some people do believe that Volkswagen Golf R32 warmed-up hatchback is not hot enough for them.

With its 250 hp 3.2-liter V6 engine and 6.2 seconds of zero to 62 mph acceleration time, the original VW Golf R32 is just too dull and boring to drive. At least, this is true for a number of people that is great enough to make manufacturing a tuning kit economically feasible.

What Volkswagen is known for is that it sells perfectly designed, highly ergonomic and incredibly boding vehicles. Even when it comes to making a sportified version of a compact hatchback, the numerous enhancements to the vehicle’s ride and handling are carefully hidden behind an uninspiring body that, unlike an American pony car or a Japanese rice rocket, usually doesn’t have a single element underlining all the extra muscle tissue under its hood.

VW Golf Abt R32 tuning program

Okay, here comes the brand new Abt R32 tuning package.

The tuned VW Golf R32 now features the same V6 engine equipped with an Abt Sportsline compressor kit with supercharger and air cooling system.

With these modifications, the engine produces up to 370 hp and takes only 5.0 seconds to sprint from standstill to 62 mph. The Abt R32’s maximum speed is now rated at 168 mph (270 km/h).

To make this crazy hatch safer to drive, Abt’s engineers have also fitted the car with new sports suspension kit and 19-inch wheels.

Visual appearance is enhanced with the help of new side skirts and painted black dual exhaust pipes.

Photos: Abt Sportsline

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