Lightning GT electric sports car

Lightning GT electric sports car
Lightning GT EV

The British Lightning Car Company has officially started taking pre-orders for its long-awaited Lightning GT electric sports coupe. While some money will definitely pour into the British brand’s accounts, the future of the sporty EV is still far from being clear. After all, there are still numerous technical hurdles that the company has to overcome.

Promised to go on sale early next year, the all-electric car features a 120 x 4 kW (644hp total) powertrain and a zero to 60 mph acceleration time of only four seconds.

Lightning GT EV

Clearly inspired by the revered Aston Martin DBS (at least, the front part of it,) the upcoming Lightning GT, company is reporting, is propelled by four 120 kW permanent magnet brushless electric motors hidden in its huge wheels.

This simple yet effective plug-in electric drive system, called Hi-Pa Drive, gets its power from a set of nano titanate batteries, which are partially recharged with the help of regenerative braking technology.

Lightning GT EV (right view)

The company says that it takes only 10 minutes to charge the batteries for approximately 250 miles (402 km) of driving, which is more than enough in most cases.

Just like in most cases with electric-powered cars, one mile of driving will cost you only 2.5 cents or only $6.25 for the 250 miles. Still no info about the vehicle’s price, though I hope the car will not be more expensive than the recently introduced Tesla Roadster electric vehicle.

Lightning GT EV (top view)
Lightning GT EV (front view)

Photos: Lightning Car Company

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