Nissan NP300 pickup truck presented in Birmingham

Nissan NP300 pickup truck presented in Birmingham
Nissan NP300

The Commercial Vehicle Show has just closed its doors in Birmingham but the Japanese brand successfully managed to cease the opportunity to get the local public acquainted with its small but powerful Nissan NP300 compact pickup truck. Although definitely not as mean as Ford F-150 and looking almost like a pilot-fish if put next to the gigantic Toyota Tundra, the new truck will probably be an adequate workhorse for those who simply need to haul some minor payload from point A to point B

Equipped with a 2.5-liter, 133 bhp and 304Nm (224 lb-ft) Euro 4 compliant diesel engine, which seems to be adequate to the vehicle’s max payload of 1115kg (2457 lbs), the vehicle will be available in three trims — Single cab, king cab and double cab.

Nissan NP300 Single Cab pickup truck

The relatively small pickup will be sold with a 5-speed gearbox, a limited slip differential and an optional four-wheel-drive. Nissan NP300 will also feature a rugged independent front suspension and heavy duty rear leaf spring suspension. It also has the largest bed in the range, measuring 2.2m in length and 1.4m wide.

The list of comfort features includes an air conditioner, CD/Radio entertainment system, power windows, electric mirrors and even keyless entry.

Nissan NP300 Single Cab pickup truck (rear view)
Nissan NP300 (front view)

Photos: Nissan

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