2008 Dacia Logan MCV commercial

2008 Dacia Logan MCV commercial
2008 Dacia Logan MCV viral ad

German advertising agency Nordpol has revealed its new commercial for the still fresh 2007 Dacia Logan MCV station wagon.

Starring Fidel, Che and a number of other charismatic revolutionaries, the ad puts its message straight and clear: the revolution in Heaven has begun.

Developed by French Renault to conquer so called emerging markets (especially Eastern Europe, as well as Russia and some of its satellites), the small Logan family enjoys an unexpected level of success among much more demanding Western European customers.

The European version of the Logan, which is featuring standard airbags for example, is about 25% more expensive than the original vehicle, though. Its running costs are also considerably smaller than those plaguing owners of so called entry-premium brands that still look like crap, but are offered at a significantly higher price.

The Dacia Logan MCV is offered in either five or seven seat versions and features a luggage space between 200 and 2350 liters.

The vehicle comes equipped with a choice of three petrol engines (the 1.4 MPI, the 1.6 MPI and the 1.6 16V), plus the 1.5 dCi diesel. The oil-burner delivers 70hp @ 4000rpm of power and its maximum torque of 160Nm peaks at 1700rpm.

Its fuel consumption averages 5.3 liters per 100 km (44mpg).

2008 Dacia Logan MCV
2008 Dacia Logan MCV (rear view)

Photos: Dacia

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