2009 Jaguar XF tuning kit by Loder1899

2009 Jaguar XF tuning kit by Loder1899
2009 Jaguar XF by Loder1899

German tuning specialist Loder1899 has revealed its tuning package for the still fresh 2009 Jaguar XF sports sedan. Although the new British beast looks mean and fast even in its stock version, the guys from Loder1899 managed to make it look even better with just a couple right touches here and there.

Just as usual, the package consists of an appearance enhancing body kit that includes a new add-on front bumper part, a new boot spoiler and an air diffuser on the rear, suspension lowering kit that allows even tighter cornering, and an engine upgrade program.

2009 Jaguar XF tuning kit by Loder1899 (rear view)

With the latter, the XF’s original 2.7-liter TDV6 diesel engine now produces 249 hp, which is 42 horsepower more than it could produce without the modifications. Its peak torque is also increased from generous 435 Nm @ 4000 rpm to even more appealing 522 Nm at 3850 rpm.

To be frank, I am not really sure that riding this cat may be an experience of a lifetime (the oil-burner without mods take whole 8 seconds to accelerate the XF from zero to 100 kilometers per hour and I doubt that the tuned version will slash this time by more than half a second), but the tuning program may still be the answer for those who prefer more energetic ride than the fuel-efficient engine can provide.

To make the car safer, tuners from Loder1899 have got its suspension lowered by 35 mm.

Can’t say that the tuned car looks much better than the original version, but it surely looks different.

For some people, that is surely enough.

Photos: Loder1899

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