Hymotion L5 Toyota Prius PHEV conversion kit

Hymotion L5 Toyota Prius PHEV conversion kit starts selling
Hymotion L5 Toyota Prius PHEV conversion kit

The long-awaited Hymotion L5 Toyota Prius plug-in conversion kit that allows you to make your hybrid compact an even more fuel-efficient vehicle has finally been launched.

Well, at least, the company is taking deposits from those Prius owners hungry for the readily available electric power.

Hymotion L5 Toyota Prius PHEV conversion kit

As the AutoblogGreen is reporting, the kit will cost you impressive $9995 without $400 shipping and local taxes. The price includes professional installation and three year warranty, though. First units are set to be delivered to customers in July.

For the money, you’ll get a 5kWh battery pack filled with A123 lithium ion cells that fits into any second-generation (2004-2008) Prius. The battery will take about 4.5 hours to fully recharge at 110V.

Since the original battery pack for the Prius is only good for 1.3kWh, the conversion kit effectively increases your all-electric range by about five times, so your all-electric range may thus be increased from 11 to 50-55 miles, which makes it enough for most commuters to travel from home to office and back with using almost zero gasoline!

Hymotion promises that a converted Prius will deliver up to 100mpg for 30-40 miles but that will heavily depend on your driving style and normal traveling routes.

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