Lamborghini Gallardo tuning kit by Premier4509

Lamborghini Gallardo tuning kit by Premier4509
Lamborghini Gallardo by Premier4509

The new Lamborghini Gallardo super-car looks more than impressive, but guys from the Japanese tuning studio Premier4509 apparently think that something still can be done to make the car look even more gorgeous.

The Gallardo doesn’t seem to have significant problems with its aerodynamics, so the Japanese tuner decided to focus its attention on another problem: overheating.

Lamborghini Gallardo tuning kit by Premier4509 (front view)

I have heard a number of reports regarding serious heat exchange issues with the Gallardo. I’ve heard of a guy, for example, who had his cats (not the furry ones) melted and his engine basically destroyed. There is also a known issue with overheating front diffs that, too, may be disastrous both for your car and for you.

The Japanese coach builder probably decided that making changes to such crucial parts will be economically unfeasible, so they simply decided to try cool down the hottest parts of the car with new aerodynamic elements that let more air in and allow it to come out more easily. And, of course, the new kit also does an extra job of making the car even more exclusive, which may be enthusiastically welcomed by the guys spending their weekends in golf clubs.

Consisting of a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and rear spoiler, the body kit directs additional amount of cold air to Gallardo’s crucial components like engine, brakes and this sort of stuff.

The kit is totally hand-made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, so it must fit the pricey Lamborghini Gallardo like an expensive English suit.

Photos: Premier4509

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