Steinmetz tuning kit for the Opel Corsa OPC

Steinmetz tuning kit for the Opel Corsa OPC
Opel Corsa OPC by Steinmetz

German tuner Steinmetz will soon offer its new tuning kit for the red-hot Opel Corsa OPC small performance hatchback.

While their involvement with the original aero-kit was pretty limited (the only thing that I see is the new Type II radiator grille insert in honeycomb design, as well as a Steinmetz applique on the rear half of the car), the company also offers a very modest power upgrade solution as well as some suspension upgrade.

Opel Corsa OPC tuned by Steinmetz

The extra horses (only ten of them, actually, which is a five per cent increase over the normal Corsa OPC engine’s power output) come courtesy of the new left/right/center silencer system that won’t bring you any noticeable decrease in 0 to 60 mph acceleration time, but at least makes you feel better and also lets the engine breathe deeper.

The package, company is reporting in its press release, also includes new suspension lowering package, which is decreasing the Corsa’s ground clearance by some 30 millimeters getting its center of gravity lower and making cornering safer (that’s why good boys buy tried and tested lowering kits from serious tuners).

Opel Corsa OPC tuned by Steinmetz (rear view)

Inside the Opel Corsa OPC tuned by Steinmetz you’ll find new foot mats with stainless steel inserts. Regretfully, the rest of the Spartan (mostly dull, but glossy in some places) remains the same.

The tuning kit may be ordered with different wheel and tire combinations measuring from modest 16- to extremely low-profile 19 inches that will possibly break your back if you unexpectedly run over a too thick stop line.

Photos: Steinmetz

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