2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S limited edition (UK)

With its distinctive Italian style, which is rivaled only by the likes of Ferrari and Maserati, finely crafted interior, responsive steering and well-tuned suspension, the new Alfa Romeo Brera grand tourer is a wonderful car. However, on the British market, it faces quite a stiff competition from the Japanese compact monster Nissan 350Z, and the German BMW Z4 and Audi TT sports cars.

With its fresh Brera S trim, which is limited to only 500 units, the Italian brand’s UK branch tries to make the hot coupe’s life a little bit easier. After all, even a finely crafted car needs a “halo” version that will bring more potential customers and plain window shoppers to local dealerships.

2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S limited edition (UK)

And with prices starting at mere £24,950, the car will be available in three trims and with a choice of two engines.

The most affordable model, the 2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S 2.2 JTS will feature a maximum power output of 185bhp and if you are into some sort of luxury stuff, you can pay extra £1500 and order the car with a leather-clad dashboard.

The top of the line, the Alfa Romeo Brera S V6 JTS comes equipped with a huge (at least, by European standards) 260bhp 3.2-liter engine that makes acceleration even faster and allows for a more comfortable drive thanks to all those horses and torque available at a push of the pedal.

2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S limited edition (rear view)

All trims feature bespoke Eibach coil springs and Bilstein dampers, light-weight 19-inch alloy wheels, hollow anti-roll bars, aluminum suspension components.

With all these enhancements, the car gets its ground clearance decreased by 10mm (0.4in) and its weight reduced by 100 kg for the V6 and 35 kg for the 2.2 liter JTS.

The acceleration time is still not that mind blowing as one would expect, though.

The 2.2 JTS takes long 8.6 seconds to crawl from zero to 62mph, which is light years away from sports car performance. However, the V6 JTS cuts that time by 1.6 seconds to more comfortable 7 seconds.

2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S (19-inch alloy wheel)
2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S (interior)
2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S (black leather with contrasting red stitching)

Photos: Alfa Romeo

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