2009 Honda Pilot starts at $27,595

2009 Honda Pilot 8-seater will start at $27,595
2009 Honda Pilot

Honda has revealed recommended pricing for its 2009 Honda Pilot large SUV. Designed as Honda’s answer to Toyota Highlander and the 2007 Ford Explorer, the car clearly doesn’t look particularly “premium” and its design is a bit old, but this is still a large vehicle that will allow you to comfortably haul you family of five from Maine to California and back with all their suitcases, purses, gaming consoles and, of course, your old St. Bernard Richard.

It is reported that even the basic Pilot LX trim of the eight-seating SUV will be available at a price of $27,595 and the most expensive Pilot Touring will start at more impressive $38,395.

2009 Honda Pilot

However, the price does not seem that high if you remember that the 2009 Honda Pilot shares its platform with the 2007 Acura MDX luxury crossover SUV, which is about 1.5 times more expensive starting at around $40,000 for the entry-level version (well, on the other hand one should clearly factor in better choice of materials and interior equipment that comes with a premium-priced crossover, especially if you decide to bite the bullet and go with the MDX Sport and Entertainment Package).

The car’s 3.5-liter 250 hp i-VTEC V6 engine features Honda’s proprietary VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) technology that allows the car to temporarily shut down two or even three out of its six cylinders when under especially light loads (like, going on a highway at 60mph) in order to deliver better fuel economy, which is still horrible varying from 17 mpg in the city to 23 mpg on the highway and averaging at 19 mpg on the combined cycle. Now, when even Ford is tinkering with hybrid drives, Honda should better have a Pilot Hybrid model coming or it will have a hard time selling this gas-guzzler.

2009 Honda Pilot (interior)
2009 Honda Pilot (interior, steering wheel)
2009 Honda Pilot (interior, passengers on the second row, too, can set the most comfortable temperature)

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